Belmont Trading incorporate three different options in terms of investment services:

Execution Only

The execution only service has been designed for clients who wish to retain full control over the management of all aspects of their investment portfolio including, stock picking, the final investment decision, asset allocation and risk management.

The Belmont Trading execution only service give our clients the undivided attention of there allocated broker dealer and this often means an improvement on the dealing price, giving you more shares when buying and greater proceeds when selling due to the timely manner in which we execute the trade.


The advisory dealing service is designed for clients who would like to take advantage of objective, research based advice from an experienced stock broker, but wish to retain full control over the final investment decision. Working hand in hand with a dedicated Stockbroker who knows the market inside and out can add considerable value.

Our Advisory Service provides:

• Dedicated Investment Manager
• Portfolio Monitoring
• Regular in depth Portfolio Reviews
• Regular Economic Reports
• Portfolios built from 'scratch'
• Corporate Actions advice (e.g. Rights issues etc)
• Free Nominee Service

After a review of your unique financial situation and requirements we structure your portfolio accordingly, while also taking into consideration your attitude to risk. Depending on the circumstances we might suggest broader investment areas as well as looking at Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax Planning in addition to other tax efficient products, stocks and shares.


The discretionary service has been designed for clients who wish to have their investment portfolios managed by their broker, and as a result relinquish the authority over tactical decisions and allow the broker to act upon investment opportunities without delay.

Belmont Trading has many clients who have incredibly busy work schedules as well as those who have to constantly travel all over the world, and for this reason, many of them decide to leave the final investment decisions to their broker, as they know their interests are being looked after when they are unreachable for whatever reason.

Many of our clients simply wish to rest easy in the knowledge that their assets are receiving professional care and attention which gives them the freedom to make as much or as little contact as they like.

The account will be managed strictly in accordance with the predetermined investment objectives and risk tolerance. Clients also have the option to place certain restrictions on their account, for example, on ethical or risk grounds which are recorded on file before any investment decisions are finalized.

A client's financial situation can change at any given time, which may mean their investment objectives change. For this reason clients can change the way their account is managed at any time by simply informing their Investment Manager of any developments.

Our Discretionary Service provides:

• Attentive service, managing investments under a 'Contract of Care'
• A Discretionary Portfolio Manager
• Regular reports including: Portfolio Reviews, Statement of Transactions and a Reconciliation of Performance
• Quarterly Valuations
• Portfolios built from 'scratch'
• Free Nominee Service

As Belmont Trading is a wholly independent brokerage firm, the assigned discretionary portfolio manager has no restrictions or bias on the investments selected for the clients' portfolio. With investment opportunities in different sectors or markets, the discretionary portfolio manager has the freedom, (providing your investment restrictions are not breached), to seize these opportunities on your behalf.