At Belmont Trading we provide our clients with market updates in addition to information on cutting edge investment opportunities in internationally listed equities and corporate transactions.

The economic indicators and investment opportunities are strategically collated through various primary and secondary industry sources, in addition to our award winning team of market analysts who are monitoring the global indexes in search of emerging companies and positive irregularities and/or anomalies that represent an opportunity for our clients.

Our market analysts only recommend companies with strong earnings growth, a robust business model and dominant position in their sector. In recent times our analysts have focused on potential takeover targets or companies who could merge to create a more dominant entity for earnings and profit growth.

At the core of the Belmont Trading research philosophy is a measured, value-oriented investment discipline that often requires taking contrarian positions. We believe that our approach to research allows us to seamlessly cut through market turbulence enabling us to take full advantage of any temporary dislocations in stock prices of the high quality companies we indentify.

Our stock selection process revolves around our rigorous fundamental analysis of the company and their potential growth. This involves a meticulous evaluation of a company's sector, products, business model, management structure and competitive strategy. We then assess their current financial position and performance outlook in order to estimate the total return potential within the context of the risks involved.